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San Diego psychic and tarot readings to provide you with insight, guidance and clarity of life. I can help you determine how to avoid and navigate difficult passages and aide you in your journey towards more joy, love and overall fulfillment! 

For a tarot reading you can choose to have your reading over the phone, on video chat or in-person. I’m also available for large parties or work events!

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When you need personal insight you can trust, San Diego Psychic Lyndsi is your answer! 

Why Choose Lyndsi For Your Psychic Readings?

  • 24 years of psychic expereince
  • Excellent accuracy and longevity with clients

  • Gental and nurturing approach to readings

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Choose The Tarot Deck That You’re Most Attracted To

I use the following tarot decks that you get to choose from…

How Tarot Readings Work

As a top psyhcic and tarot reader in San Diego I’m here to answer all your burning questions.

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The Empress – find yourself in the new year 

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